Monday, July 27, 2009


We got to camp by the creek which was nice cause it got a little hot. The guys get into some deep debates, I think it was about tires this time..We gave the stinky dog a bath then she rolled in something stinky, I think stinky smells good to dogs..

More Wheeling

It was pretty dusty, notice the face's..Amanda got Dean & Kennaday wet as we went through the Creek, She got Paul too but could not get a picture of that..It sure pretty and green the higher up you go, Hope fully we won't have to many fires this summer.

Old Blue & 4-Wheeling

We went camping up Redcreek for the 24th. We went for a 4-wheeler ride up Bobbyduke it was all up hill, Our dog Blue runs along side the 4 wheelers, She jumps in the water and lays when we stop we went over 10 miles and she finally got on the 4-wheeler with me and Amanda she was wet and stunk, We were laughing she just lays down and try's to push us out of the way.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mag Pie

Shayne & I came home today and we found a Magpie in his tree house, It was the biggest magpie we ever saw it took 4 shots with the BB Gun to kill it..I hope it's not against the law to kill them.. It was in self defense we had to protect his home..:) them magpies can make you go crazy.
Good thing Shaynes such a great shot.So we had to hurry and blog this so everyone could see his kill while it was fresh..He sitting watching me making sure I get it right, It's a guy thing..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 4th

Well this is the only picture we got of the Rodeo, (Notice the Defa's Dude Ranch Flag) We had the camera on video so we just have people feet lol Amanda carried the flag and did the Barrels, she did not win but she was up there lol..

The Dance

Amanda's Ex boy friend passed away a few weeks ago.. Amanda dated him for 4 years on and off..He had a drug problem and it finally got the best of him. Paul did not like him, yes he's the one he wanted to kill, I liked Joe, Did not like some of the things he did, but he had a good heart, Shayne really liked him and did not like sharing him with Amanda. Some times life is so hard, I'm so proud of Amanda and how she dealed with him and his death, even though they were broke up. She is so much stronger than I ever was at that age. Even if some one is differnt from what we judge as being normal, what works for you does not work for everyone, We all take differnt paths, we all have differnt lessons. I try and not Judge anyone. If we were all the same how boring would that be. Be nice to everyone for you never know just how long they will be in your life. Okay I'm off to cry again lol