Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Rodeo

Our best Camera quit working
I had to use Amanda's
it's not as good as mine.
Amanda did the Barrels and carried a
Flag on and off during the Rodeo,
She is in the blue in the middle
Shayne just pouted.
He would not look at me.
We were waiting for the fire works,
He was a little tired 2 days of
partying was to much for him.
She did not win she got an 18
the winner got a 16.
But she is getting better all the time

4th of July in Tabby

Paul and I did the Baseball float,
but he made me drive it.
Amanda and her freind Isha
were clowns on the 4 Wheeler.
Only time Paul and I families ever get together.

Mom & Dad

Paul took this really good picture
Of my Mom and Dad at the Tabby Parade.
Never guess they have been married for
almost 50 years.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4 Wheeler Ride

We went for a 4 wheeler
ride up Red creek
It was fun and very pretty.
We let shayne drive the 4 wheeler threw the creek,
he is really a pretty good driver, He has Kenneday
on the back of him. We got rained on
Paul And Dean tryed to crawl under
the 4 wheeler and left Peggy
Me & the kids to get wet.