Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Look

This is the look I've gotten since I was young, It say's @%&*# Holly I said NO!!

More Pictures

More Birthday Joy

Rainna little Brennan held his fingers up behind Baillie, she did not know until she saw the picture, he ran really fast, you just don't mess with the Baillie :) Cassie little Kayson loves his picture took, he is so good natured, cute boy.

hApPy bIrThDaY MoM

We took mom to The Canton City In vernal for lunch, her favorite place. We missed ya Tiff. I think she really enjoyed it even though she hates to much attention on her, we we controled our selfs and did not sing happy birthday. All the sisters came, Laura brang Rainna & her 2 kids Brenan & Rylin. Julie brang Cassie and Clancy & Kayson came too & Baillie, So did Rick & Verylnn and Eric Sam, her and Rick are both in the police academy monday thur thursday in Salt lake they really miss there boy's they brang them as a treat. Karena came all by her self, Amanda & her friend Aisha came too, but not with me they are to cool to ride with me and Mom.


Jon went up Log Hallow took some picture's of deer with his camera/binoculars. Look like some nice ones were are they when your hunting?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Before & After

Amanda took this picture on the way to San diego in the airport, the other two picture's were taken on the way home in the same airport, I think they may of had fun..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lifes A beach

Some beach and Cali pictures Amanda took, they look better than the snow out side. You know I'm just a summer girl, So why do I live in the Artic you ask? I have no Idea. Good question. I was going to move to St. George and just by thinking that it made it snows done there, Sorry Tiff did not mean to make it snow on ya..I think I've had to much Coffee.

Where the Sun Shines

Amanda went to San Diego with some friends from the hospital, Tyrel and Melanie, they went to a wedding. They went every where else too. spent a week,, I really love the beach pictures, I look out side and it is snowing kind of depressing really.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Shaynes Room

Part of addition is a room for Shayne..He built his self a sign that say's shaynes room on it, he's very excited, he keeps taking Pauls tools, nails and boards. Pauls being very nice about it.

New Room

Pauls really working on our addition, it's a good winter project, keeps him busy and sports off TV. It's starting to look like a room, now if we just had more money, to get it done..Jon helps when he's home, Paul does not fire him, must just be me..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

sHaYnEs dAy

Today Shaynes Turns 9 years old, He was so excited, For his birthday he got 2 lego sets and some kind of Pokemon toy :)He's not very patient for the Lego's but Amanda's enjoyed putting them together for him.He did blow out his own candle. Happy Birthday Shayne Love You..