Saturday, July 31, 2010


Amanda carried one of the flags at the Rodeo, she also ran the barrels , did pretty good took 4th but was not in the money ahh well getting better every year..Paul & Dean open the gates for the bucking stock, you can see them in the back ground as Amanda's running with the flag. These are the only pictures I took because I got stuck helping in the consessions which really sucked, I love to cook on my day's off too NOT. I don't mind helping..

Marco & Tiffany, Jody & Amy, Karena all showed up for the parade and came to our house after it was so nice..Jody got called into work and had to leave he is such a hard working guy..Jacee has grown so much he is getting big I think he's going to be taller than his Dad.. and kick his dads butt.:0

July 4th

Amanda rode the 4-whheler in the parade and handed out stuff to the kids, Malory helped and Brooklyn as well..With a bunch of kids on the wagon..This is the first year I've gotten to watch the parade, since Shayne did not want to play baseball, so I did not have to do the float..Yeah..

More Pictures

The Kids Dug a big hole in front of our camp trailor it was very deep the could lay in it and not be seen, the little one's would stand in it.. It was a tunnel they said or a trap people who have had a little to much to drink could fall into.. Good thing no one drinks at this camp :) The 2 Girls are Morgan and Kazya, little boy on the bike is Matts son mason..

Camping May 2010

Man I"m so far behind..We do nothing really. Or I just don't get pictures. These are from memorial day. We go to Redcreek every year, it like the only reunion the Baums have unless you count deer season, which is a holiday for them. Seems every year more family shows up which makes it great. Right in the middle of our camp site a bunch (5) baby Pot guts came out of a hole, I think the mom got scared off and they got hungry, there eye's were not even open all the way. The kids loved them..But sorry to say our dog tried to play with one it did not end well, then one of nick & Tara sweet little girls got running out of the 4-wheeler trailor to fast and we were minus 2 more, Then one got ran over by a 3 year olds bike, and the last one we set free so it mom came and found it..That our story and we are sticking too it..