Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mom & Dads 50th party

On Oct 10 2009 Mom & Dad have been married 50 years, They have 7 kids and 21 grandkids 4 3/4 great grandkids. Was a real nice party at LC Ranch. Everyone made it but Kira Laura's she is way pregnant and did not feel very good. Mom & Dad I think really enjoyed it, They really did not want us to make a big fuss, They should of known we would we have all been that way our whole lives.

Marco & Our Cold little Jacee, who's Dad needs not to cuss so much.
Love ya Jacee.
Travis,(Karena's) Eric (Verylnns) Marco, Ric, Julie and my Arms.
Randy The great.
Paul Jon & Dad.

Ned Karena's Hubby .. Is he Awake?
Me Tiff and Ava yes I kissed her checks.
Mom & Dad getting some thing to eat.

Shayne & Nathan Shayne loves his Cuz more than almost anything.
Amanda & Ava she was as happy as me to finally get to hold her.

Jody and his baby Joseph, Joseph is one year old he looks just like Jody. Kayson he is Cassie's he had Ballon boobies his Dad Klancy told him to squezze them, He's a cutie.

Jons Elk

Jon had a spike permit, he saw so many Elk this year. Shayne would not let him get a picture alone either. They all ways do this thumbs up thing, Some thing Paul does too. They both act like him and not me lol

First Deer

Amanda killed her first deer this year. With her first shot. She was shocked as anyone. Shayne would not let her in the picture he wanted a picture of him and the deer he told her well you can hold one side. I shot at a big one and missed he was so mad at me, he would not talk to me and he had nightmare all night about it he like cussed me in his sleep. He is such a little man..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Round Up

Every Year Amanda & Paul go up current creek to help Giles bring the cows home. Amanda has went every years since she was 10. Hal is real good to her. Baillie and her have a blast. Baillie just got a new horse and is so proud. I usually go up one day, it's real fun and a good work out.