Friday, June 26, 2009

Wild Bunch

Shaynes friends, Mylee & Mikenlee Streble (tobbe & kenners) Kennaday Sweat
(Ralphie) want me to tend your kids? they will get a nick name here, Paul & Jons favorite thing to do. They liked possing for me..

Happy Birthday & Fathers Day

Jon birthday fell on fathers day this year, so we had a double celebration. There favorite thing to do is fish so that what we did, Shayne caught one as was so proud, he cannot decide if he like hunting or fishing more now. Jon turned 25, Gosh I'm getting old. He's such and good kid and he was Paul very first fatherday gift.


The Rain I thought has
stopped but it was back again today..
These are older pictures,
The Rain sure made everything
pretty and green.

Friday, June 12, 2009

More Pictures

How lucky are we to have a nice neighbor with a bachoe, Dean does so much for Us and everyone else and never ask for anything back..So if you need a Hoe call Deano lol

Tabby Tornado

Amanda was looking out the window at the rain and we were pouting because it's rained for 3 weeks straight and we have not got much horse riding time in, she said look at all those boards in the air, they were spinning around and went right over the top of our house, we were watching them and Paul comes and told us Pace's shed has blown over and is up side down in the middle of our lane, there is boards and junk spread all over the fence line, real crazy stuff, they have trailors, boats and more sheds but it only got the one, I real glad it missed my house, now I'm wondering if we have Torando insurance? I know we are not in Kanas with one good strong wind we could be though :) I love the Outhouse side ways Paul had to roll it out of the road so he could come home..