Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Jazz

Shayne played Jr. Jazz he loves the Jazz.
We had a Jazz player come to Tabby
which is way cool the do this every year.
It was a new guy this year Eric Maynor.
He was real nice with the kids,
he looks way young. Hope fully he will get to
play that will make Shayne way proud.

The Derby

The Jazz bear drove in the Derby he did pretty good,
They did not team up on him like we thought the would.
Candy & Chad joined us they are all ways lots of fun.
Jon & Matt did not have any beer to drink..JK


Bart & Julie Moved to Grantsville, We decided to go see them and take in a Nascar race and the derby at the fair. We went the Larry Miller track. It is real cool, But the race was not as good as the Vegas Race. We had fun though, Bart & Julie are all ways lots of fun and way nice to let us stay.. Amanda and Mallory get along great, Jon & Matt well they get along a little well..