Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hunting Fever

Everyday we have hear Shayne say, Can't wait until I'm 12 to go hunting. It's funny how that man gene show's up in the little boy's. Amanda got some picture of him one day he did not know about he is such a funny kid..

Mud Hole

The men were playing in a big mudd puddle.. nobody dared go through the middle but Shayne, his 4 wheeler flooded out and killed on him he was stuck. Good thing his dad pushed him out>

Camping Wolf creek

Went Camping with Our Nephew Jim and his wife Mindy and there girls..Went gold minning and 4-wheeling. Dad & Mom came up one day, but did not pictures of that. Dad showed them were the gold mines are and they were hooked after that. Paul and Jim both went down in one of the mines, Mindy & I werew having a heart attack, good thing the batteries on the flash light went out or they would of stayed down there all day.

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carving our names in a Tree

Kambie and Amy had to carve our names in a Tree, They had to make it High enough for all to see..The girl trying to get away is Bekie she was the group photo taker..She did not want her picture taken. Fun Day with lots of love and girl talk.

Girls ride

Girls ride

Tina Amy & I have been best friends since well it was before we started school :)
We all love to ride and we with the help of Kambie and Amanda decided to go for a girls trail ride. We brang some of the people we love the most, Like Peggy, Becky, Amanda,Kambie,Tina's good friends and very sweet ladies Bekie and Kami. We rode up the trail on Daniels summit, Kambie works there so we got special treatment. It rained on us once, not to bad but that to Peggy we had some real Cowboy coats the were warm and kept us dry. After we had lunch a the summit. It was a great day one we plan on doing again.


Shayne loves to cut the grass..He is a bit smaller than the mower though..He dresses well for it though>>

Stone Face

After we climbed we walked down to the river. It sure is pretty up North fork. I was raised up there and it's nice to share it with my kids. The trail to stone face must be new, When I was a kid we made are own trails ;0 and walked 5 miles to school both ways..

Stone Face

Shayne & I went up to the Dude Ranch for memorial for Geno.. We thought we would climb up to Stone face on our way home. Up over the ledges and rocks we go, I had my flip flops on and they don't make for good climbing over rocks. After pushing him up and try my darnest not to fall we get to the top and guess what? there is a trail coming right from the road..Humm I guess I needed the exercise l:)

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Amanda carried one of the flags at the Rodeo, she also ran the barrels , did pretty good took 4th but was not in the money ahh well getting better every year..Paul & Dean open the gates for the bucking stock, you can see them in the back ground as Amanda's running with the flag. These are the only pictures I took because I got stuck helping in the consessions which really sucked, I love to cook on my day's off too NOT. I don't mind helping..

Marco & Tiffany, Jody & Amy, Karena all showed up for the parade and came to our house after it was so nice..Jody got called into work and had to leave he is such a hard working guy..Jacee has grown so much he is getting big I think he's going to be taller than his Dad.. and kick his dads butt.:0

July 4th

Amanda rode the 4-whheler in the parade and handed out stuff to the kids, Malory helped and Brooklyn as well..With a bunch of kids on the wagon..This is the first year I've gotten to watch the parade, since Shayne did not want to play baseball, so I did not have to do the float..Yeah..

More Pictures

The Kids Dug a big hole in front of our camp trailor it was very deep the could lay in it and not be seen, the little one's would stand in it.. It was a tunnel they said or a trap people who have had a little to much to drink could fall into.. Good thing no one drinks at this camp :) The 2 Girls are Morgan and Kazya, little boy on the bike is Matts son mason..