Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shayne & Dallas

Shaynes Best Friend is Dallas Stewart..
(Scott & Chelise)
He spent the night.
They stayed up until 5:00 am
After choc chip pancakes at 10:00am
they were ready to go again.
They wanted their picture on the internet
So here it is. I could not get them to
hold still, could of been the choc chips
or the missing 12 pk of mountain dew??

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vegas 2010

Every year we head to the Nascar race..Lots of fun and beer get had..Bruce & lisa, Jim & mindy & families went with us this year too..It's really hard to get that many people together and going at one time..but we had lots of fun..Shayne got to go this year, Tiffany has kept him for 2 years ( thanks Tiff )..He loves Jimmy Johnson we bought him the offical team jacket he was so proud plus jimmy won so it was a great day..

Nascar 2010

Fun in the sun

Went to the arena to practice..Amanda's little dog likes to ride on her horse, she was looping around the dog loved it..Shayne was sulking on the barrel because his horse tipped over the grain bucket in the bottom of the horse trailor, we did not even yell at him..I guess we could not see him sulking in the truck..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

4-wheeler ride

Went for a ride on the hill behind Ray's there is still so much snow and mudd..We got stuck so many times..I took these with my cell phone so they are not that good I seem to all ways forget me camera..Jon got stuck he sunk side way's and it popped his tire off the rim..Good thing they are handy and i got them those battery operated tire pumps for christmas..

Nice Day Finally

Finally a nice day..We all ran outside to enjoy before the snow or wind came back...
Shayne is so scared of the horses so we let him lead the old nice horse around..He was so proud she did not step on him or anything, he kept wanting me to take his picture.