Monday, March 23, 2009


Jon is such a good guy, not because I'm his mother either :) Kids just love him and they always go right too him. He's a real good person, got the kindest heart, the Bagleys say he's a big teddy bear which is so true.
Matt Smith came and did are wiring for us, he did a good job too(thanks Matt) Those kids are his they are the cutest kids ever, He's a very good Dad too. Mason the little boy acts just like him when he was little, wild as heck. I'm sure Julie wished that on him. Jon and Matt have been friends forever, they used to argue as kids it was funny, now they just laugh. They are both pretty big boy's, but really great men.

Room update

I hope I'm not boring you to bad with this room thing, but it's the only thing going on around here lol Heres a before and after picture and anin between one, we are almost done got the wood floor in and we were short one box of flooring, we bought it on KSL we bought the windows and most of the stuff there too. But any we are having a hard time finding another box of this color, We just need that Carpet and tile for the wood stove and trim we are done YA!! I really don't like the walls but Paul does, Got to keep him happy and working LOL hopfully it won't look so wild once we get trim and pictures up. Keeping my fingers crossed. (Note Elmo on the Bucket they were shooting him off with the Bow and Arrow) Pour Elmo.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Bridge

Travis is an Electrician on this bridge, he climbs up it and wires the lights and does all the wiring and stuff, He is the head Electrician, he says it gets real windy up on top of it, they are going to build the bridge straight up and then let it down when they are done. He is single and lives in Vegas the pictures is of him and his daughter Kaylee, he had with Rachelle Lee. He is such a good guy.Cute too..

More Dam Pictures

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hoover Dam

On are trip to Nascar we went to Hoover dam to. It was real cool. Travis Sweat, Dean & Peggys boy is helping build a bridge that going up close to the dam. I'll show pictures of that later. We went into the dam, I did not want to go I get a little sick in places like that, but Shayne would not go with out me, So I bucked up and went, After Paul told me I was making him a wimp..It was not to bad expect when we got in the Elevator with 20 other people.. It was worth it even though at one point you could hear and feel the water underneath you, which was pretty freaky.. Really cool place to see.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Start of the race

This is were the wind is blowing so hard you have to hold on to your hat...


I must admit the first time Paul wanted to go to nascar I said yuck..Well my sweet sister inlaw (Tiff) offered to take Shayne or Marco offered her? and he got us tickets, Well I really liked it, we sat up high with the rich people, it was pretty Fun, The kids sat on the front row, which are the cheap seats, This year we got cheap sets because the kids said it was funner. well it was when the cars took of you could feel the wind it would blow off your hat if you did not hold on to them, and the noise was so loud we all brang ear plugs, but boy it was fun you could see the drivers, when they went slow enough. we were covered in oil and dirt, I'm such a red neck.