Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stinky Dog

Both are dogs got sprayed by a Skunk last night, Bella is a house dog so she had to have a bath, It was so funny, she looked so pitiful, Me and Shayne got a good laugh about it, Then Amanda came home and was mad at us for laughing at her dog, She hopes I don't laugh and make fun at my grandchildren like that.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Barrel Racing Again

I may just bore you to death with barrel racing pictures again, But Tis the season..Amanda and Kambie are barrel buddys, notice Kambies lucky pink belt, it's so Garth Brooks..Amanda doing pretty good if her horse was not so lazy, she kicks the crap out of her if she using the spurs we get a bucking spree, she only actually fell off one time from one of those spree's, As her dad say's cowgirls don't cry, but they swear up a storm lol

Amanda's 22 birthday

Amanda had her 22 birthday on April 22 hope it's a lucky year for her, Shayne had to help her blow out her candles, we bought her a suitcase (hint hint)Just kidding Amanda,I could not raise Shayne with out you lol Cheryl Faircolth came down to join the wild party..

Old Blue

This is our Heeler dog (Blue)she has discovered Shayne Tree house she lays up there and watches the niegbors and is on the look out for danger, which to her is birds, I think she is part bird dog too..