Saturday, August 30, 2008

This is Amanda's freind Joe he
stops in on his way throught town,
he's is a Calf roper. Not sure who
likes him more
Shayne or Amanda, Shayne thinks
he stops in to see him. Really funny Shayne is alway between them, And
thats not a bad thing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Funny Pictures

The first picture is Riggs he is so cute,
he is Bill and Trudy's Baratons(Smith) boy he was looking
at Shayne taking a picture, Next is Paul
Aka Stubbling Yuppie of the wood chuck tribe.
Paul trying to lift me on the horse I don't trust him.
Shayne busting a move..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Pauls favorite thing to do.
We went to Redcreek,
His favorite place to go.
I thought these pictures were
real pretty, the lake anyway.
We caught 4 fish,
I even caught one which
never happens.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We all so went to the grand Tetons
in Wyoming.
Paul logged there years
ago with Larry Defa,
It's very pretty.
We told the kids
(Shayne & Kennaday) it was Yellowstone.
We took lots of pictures
thought I'd share.

Whats Faster? A horse or 4-wheeler?

Amanda and Shayne were bored
so this led to an arguement.
What is faster a horse or a 4-wheeler,
The 4-wheeler was faster on the starting
line but once the horse got going
she was much faster. So this means
the agrument never ended.

Hale Storm

We had a hale storm last saturday, Boy I bet the hale was 1" or bigger, knocked out the leaves from the tree's, Notice the pictures are from in side the house,I tried to go out butthe really hurt and I don't like pain.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Actions Shots

Amanda & Paul went down too, Jon did not come,
he took to many days off for Country Jam,
I'm glad he does not have pictures of that lol
The pictures are of the biggest rapids on the
river you can go down and watch people go
by lots of the fall out too.
First picture is Amanda & Paul,
she on the back front side,
Paul is front left. The next is them too.
The next is me you cannot see me in the first
but I'm on the back side middle,
you can see me in the next picture,
Pauls on the boat too
right in front of me,
He was suppose to save me
and I pulled him in 3 times, good thing he like's water.


For the past 3 years, we have been going with Billy & Trudy Baraton to Wy. rafting,
I don't like water much at all, but I've went down 2 times.
Bill & Trudy are very good at it they been going for 15 years or so,
Plus their 9 year daughter Sidney goes down, she held my hand.
The Top picture is Paul, Chief Stubbling Wood Chuck, and Bill.
( You had to be there) Billy Getting the boat ready,
Amanda & Paul Me on the boat
I'm the one in the middle on the back side I really did go.