Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow riding

Amanda and I went for a long ride today in the deep snow..It was cold in the shade, I came home with a cold foot..And a cold butt, no I did not get dumped, but i got off and the horse tried to itch her head on me, and it knocked me over butt first it the snow, I guess thats better than face first..
It was a good work out for the horses and it did not hurt Holly one bit either.

Shayne birthday

Shayne had his 10th birthday..I only took a few pictures they are blurry and everything looks yellow on my camera, He took some pictures of the action figures he got and wanted me to post them so enjoy it is lovely.
I think I fixed it today not sure, if I was smart or lived closer to my smart sister inlaw, I maybe could figure it out..


Okay I suck these are the only pictures I took at christmas..