Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hunting Fever

Everyday we have hear Shayne say, Can't wait until I'm 12 to go hunting. It's funny how that man gene show's up in the little boy's. Amanda got some picture of him one day he did not know about he is such a funny kid..

Mud Hole

The men were playing in a big mudd puddle.. nobody dared go through the middle but Shayne, his 4 wheeler flooded out and killed on him he was stuck. Good thing his dad pushed him out>

Camping Wolf creek

Went Camping with Our Nephew Jim and his wife Mindy and there girls..Went gold minning and 4-wheeling. Dad & Mom came up one day, but did not pictures of that. Dad showed them were the gold mines are and they were hooked after that. Paul and Jim both went down in one of the mines, Mindy & I werew having a heart attack, good thing the batteries on the flash light went out or they would of stayed down there all day.

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carving our names in a Tree

Kambie and Amy had to carve our names in a Tree, They had to make it High enough for all to see..The girl trying to get away is Bekie she was the group photo taker..She did not want her picture taken. Fun Day with lots of love and girl talk.

Girls ride