Friday, December 18, 2009

Barrel Racing

Amanda had her barrel racing award Banquet. She moved up in a higher bracket and took second. Trust me it was good..She won stirrups they are chrome..Yes there are chrome ones lol She has won everything but a bridle barrel racing..Shooting for that next time, or horse trailor maybe even a new truck :)

Christmas play

Tabby had the cutest Christmas play this year, The made the costumes and had each class came in while the play was going on..It was just like the old days when I was in school. Bonnie Roberts & Lucie Vantasell Directed and Lamay Humpherey's & Afton Giles did the costumes, They did a great Job. So cute. Shayne did pretty good but he needed a belt for his Santa outfit, Of course I did his out fit.. He told santa he wanted some thing in a hole differnt language I think it was a Star wars moon walker clone probe with on board star ship droid, You should of seen his face. (Santa's)
His best santa buddy Dallas Stewart. The picture is of the whole Elementary school nice lol