Friday, May 30, 2008

Pauls new toy

Pauls got a new toy, not sure who's happier him or Shayne!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Amanda's 21 birthday

Amanda turned 21 on April 22, How spoiled is she,
well the horse trailor was her birthday gift,
not the truck though, we not that stupid :)
Our older trailor was a 1982, so we did need a new one.
she has gotten her fastest time ever on her horse doing the barrels, it was a 17.
something she has done everything her self with the horse,
and I'm pretty proud of her..
Shayne liked the birthday cake saved some on his face for later though...

Some Old Pictures

Cannot seem to take new pictures, but here are some old one,
The babies are Nathan and shayne, Jacce is looking in on them and
amandas putting them on the couch, they are only a month apart
tiffany knew she was pregant and I did not..:)
The other picture shows Marco's best side,
The kids on the chair are Kira, Jon and Hallie standing, Amanda is on the chair.
Dad is holding Jon And Kira with Raina in the back ground,
my dad sure is a handsome man. Pauls pretty cute too..